Order of DeMolay

The Order of DeMolay is the world’s largest fraternity for young men thirteen (12 if completed grade 7) to twenty-one years of age. Started in 1919, DeMolay has over 700 chapters in the United States as well as chapters in eleven foreign countries.

DeMolay provides young men with a place to have fun, experience fellowship and learn and practice leadership skills. It creates an environment for young men conducive to growing, maturing and developing into caring and contributing members of society. DeMolay accomplishes all these things for young men while teaching them seven basic principles: love of parents, respect for religious beliefs and opinions of others, courtesy, friendship, faithfulness, cleanness and patriotism.

There is no hazing. Men such as John Wayne, Walt Disney, Walter Cronkite, Paul Harvey, Buddy Ebsen, and football great, Fran Tarkenton, have participated in the ceremonies of DeMolay and learned from their participation in this order.

All adult volunteers and workers are screened and participate in training programs to insure quality adult leadership and supervision for the young men of DeMolay.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Order of DeMolay:

Is DeMolay a religous group?

No.  DeMolay is not a religious group, DeMolay teaches no religion but expects each member to profess a belief in a Supreme Being and be tolerant in your opinion of others.

What is a fraternity?

A fraternity is an organization whose members have a special bond with one another regardless of age or position.  It is a brotherhood built on common interests.

Is DeMolay a secret fraternity?

We are not a secret fraternity, and hold no secrets from non-members as to our type of organization, our purposes, activities and beliefs.

What are your secrets?

The only thing that someone might consider secret about DeMolay are our passwords, signs, and handshakes.  This is our way, like all fraternities, to make being a member really special.

What does the name DeMolay come from?

Jacques DeMolay lived around the 14th century in France, during the time of the great Crusades.  He was the last Grand Master of the Knights Templar, which was the fraternity of Crusaders in France.  He was a Knight and a leader of men who stood up for the less fortunate and was true and faithful to his cause and his friends until death.

To learn more information, please visit the order’s website here. 


Order of DeMolay
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