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Social Media Policy

The Grand Lodge of Maine recognizes that social media has grown exponentially in recent years. It has a goal of supporting the regular and extensive use of it. We know many Brethren regularly connect by Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and other means. Masons must be mindful that their individual postings reflect their character and Freemasonry across this Grand Jurisdiction.

Policy Regarding Social Media & Maine Freemasons

  • A Mason should conduct himself with the same courtesy he would in front of the general public.
  • As a Mason, he must be aware that his postings are a permanent record. Therefore, his conduct may influence the world with a positive or negative opinion about him personally and about the organizations to which he belongs.
  • A Mason should never use disparaging comments and profanity when posting. This includes graphics, video, and audio recordings.
  • A Mason should not post “ritual” or “tyled” information.
  • Masonic pages are to be supportive of the organization and its members, promote upcoming events, discuss past events, video sharing, and discussion of times of fellowship, and promotion of Masonic bodies.
  • A Mason should not use social media to obtain a personal advantage in promoting political, religious, or business activities by targeting other masons.
  • A Mason should not use social media to contact other Grand Jurisdictions unless they are a member of that jurisdiction. Remember that all intra-jurisdictional communication is, by Masonic protocol, conducted by, and between Grand Lodge offices.
  • No discussion or other information regarding an application, background, or investigation of an applicant is ever appropriate or condoned. Likewise, there should never be discussion regarding the ballot on a candidate.
  • Do not write or discuss anything relative to the business of a Lodge or of any discussions or actions which occurred behind Tyled doors.
  • Information about Lodge or District social activities must comply with the Grand Lodge regulations already in place for them. For example, no reference to alcohol or games of chance.
  • Masons should advise a Brother if something he posted does not fall within our Social Media Policy.

We encourage you to be a positive, proactive force for Freemasonry in the world!

Ultimately, your actions as a Mason online should promote the highest standards of morality and integrity. Be mindful of the penalties described in the Grand Constitution relating to the trial, suspension, or expulsion for any un-Masonic behavior.

Remember public and members of the Masonic Fraternity read your posts online. Posting a comment related to the Fraternity, then posting a disparaging comment about a social or political stance can easily be misconstrued by readers that your stance represents Masonry and all Masons. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.


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Social Media Policy